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I'm really not very smart sometimes.

She was never my cat, not really. I figured out after a bit which neighbor she belonged to and always tried to keep in mind that she wasn't 'mine'.

A few weeks ago now, someone came to the door asking for her.

I haven't seen her since. I think, given the work being done on the house and the lack of lights on/etc that they've moved. Just like that, not even a real chance to say goodbye, just 'sorry, here's your cat' and then nothing. I miss her so much.

Eighteen months I looked after her. She got me through some of the roughest patches of my depression and kept coming back even after I lost my temper with her during the worst of it. She was all about cuddles and purring and holding onto my arm so I had to stop what I was doing and play with her.

 photo kittenstein_zps96778948.jpg

I'd be content just knowing that she's ok, but cats can't pick up the phone and say so. Just have to hope she'll find someone else to feed and de-flea and de-worm her wherever they've moved to.
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Gotta see this guy perform. And if he's between girlfriends, gotta get into his pants too because DAMN. Sexy-ugly right there.
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I admire the way you shine...

New Patron Saints And Angels

We'll shine this time, we'll make headlines...

Cities Of Night

I saw you shine...

I Hope You Suffer

There are more. I know there are more. Pretty sure Too Late For Gods has a line that fits the pattern too, and something else as well.

Havok, wtf is your obsession with people shining. J, there's a connection here and you've probably found it already, you bastard.
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And I'm getting really, really sick of people saying that he's 'not a real Christian' or that he 'knows nothing about the bible'.

He adheres to the bible more closely than any other Christian I've ever come across. See, I've read the bible, repeatedly. Not just the little exerpts they give you in class or read from the pulpit. The whole thing. The old testament is one long saga of murder, torture and genocide, with some rape and pillage thrown in for good measure thanks to Smitey 'Yaweh' McTorture. What's more, Jesus himself is quoted in the gospel of Paul as saying that the old testament is and will forever remain relevant as law. Something about not one word of it being changed until the end times are upon us, I can't remember chapter and verse these days but fuck you, look it up.

Sick and fucked up as he may be, Fred Phelps may be the only Christian actually doing it right and practicing what he peaches. And for that, not only does his funeral deserve picketing from here to eternity, but a lot more so-called Christians need to wake up and realize that THIS is what they represent and they either need to learn them a book or stfu.
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And I know someone who'd probably still just swig straight from the saucepan, because he's an animal...

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This will hit tonight. So if I disappear, you know why. By which I mean the internet-making box at the bottom of the hill will be full of silt again.

Also, I'm out of milk, bread, beans and batteries. What's the betting I won't be able to get them anywhere in the city?
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I'm posting exactly what I did here mostly so I don't forget.

Diced half a dozen carrots and one giant, knife-eating sweet potato. Put them in a dish, lid on, with a knob of butter to bake for about 20 minutes.

Took them out of the oven, gave them a rough mashing, added more butter, put the lid back on, put them back in for another 15 minutes.

Took them out, added a tablespoon of cream cheese and uh... a lot of sour cream, plus green onions and more butter. Gave a thorough mashing, put the lid back on and put back in the oven for ten minutes, mostly just so I had time to prepare the salmon.

Took them out, put two skinned semi-frozen salmon fillets in the middle and covered them over completely with the mix so as to stop them getting dry. Sprinkled cheese on top. Did not add more butter but was tempted. Put the lid back on and put the whole lot back in the over for ~15 minutes or so (I forgot to set the timer).

Salmon is perfectly cooked and moist and tasty. Mashed mix is also moist and tasty and perfectly cooked, and very very filling.
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I regret nothing!

Except my slightly sore head.
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If anyone needs me tonight, I will be pointing my bare arse in the direction of 2013, while giving 2014 a preemptive middle finger.
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I thiiiiiink I'm a little tipsy. Sloe gin. Like cherry jam. But drinkable.

Tempted to tell everyone I love them. There may be poetry.
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 photo DSCN0625_zps0d751dc0.jpg

Color of the month. The best thing about this is that as soon as I change my mind I can just dye straight over it


Dec. 15th, 2013 02:40 pm
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Would the person who ordered the storm please come and collect it immediately? It's getting a bit out of hand here.
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Oh, memories

I'm pretty sure I remember Bonnie wearing these patient faces when putting up with the cats. And with me and my sister. She's been showing up in my dreams a lot lately.
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No shit, I feel it too. Also, shut up Havok.

Still, stupid loan stuff sorted. Essay for Wednesday mostly done. Reading for Thursday started. Why do I feel so drained just by using my brain?
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Tetanus booster. A week of antibiotics. A number to call if I start showing any 'warning symptoms' that says she got tetanus in my wound rather than me just needing a booster and having a claw-happy cat being a risk factor.

Cat still has fleas.
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I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I have this sinking feeling that it's not as good as Crash Love. At least, that I don't like it as much as Crash Love. CL, STS and AOD are my holy trinity and I'm just... I'm not sure.
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Wheee, hormones. Guess at least now I know why I've been all super-noooooo lately.

Almost landed in New York. Just a matter of getting to the bus terminal sort of thing. I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going. Mostly.
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I could have booked a hostel bed, slept in late, and STILL been here in time to make the flight. They're not even going to announce the damn gate until well over an hour after we were supposed to be in the air, and their earliest take-off estimate is two hours after THAT.

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