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Getting really pissed off with this 'real women have curves bullshit'. Hello, newsflash, we're ALL real women. ALL WOMEN are real women. Just as it's wrong to exclude Stef from anything because her genetics make her larger average, it's also wrong to somehow deem me 'not a real woman' because my genetics make me smaller than average.


Interesting exercise: for one day, carry a notepad and pen or other counting mechanism with you. Every time you see any kind of ideal in advertizing or anywhere else specifying what a woman needs to be a woman or defining women in a specific way, make a note. Everything you come across for a whole 24 hours, be it tv, billboards, product packaging, etc. Then, compare the number aimed similarly at men.
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Syfy [<- HATE] version of Alice In Wonderland?

Stef and I could put together a drinking game without even needing to watch it first. Predictable from the opening ten seconds. The blonde, sexually aggressive woman is evil. Super-tough black belt Alice becomes a whimpering pile of fluff with Daddy Issues at the slightest challenge. Everyone has to solve her problems for her. In the middle of any crisis she'd stop to argue, but then NOT ask vital questions when she should have done. Nobody got shot, except daddy. Other than that, despite ALL the shooting, nobody died.

Effectively, if you want Bella Swan with daddy issues, you'll enjoy it. If you're wanting a strong female lead, don't bother. Strong female leads need daddy to help them.

BAH. Pissed off now.


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