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Jul. 18th, 2010 08:00 pm
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Made from this pattern


It's just not quite right, is it? I mean, I know Stef has a slightly larger than average skull, but still. Not right. Kind of cone-shaped, which is WRONG. I followed the pattern to the fucking letter as well. Just ignore the stripe wonkiness. No matter what I do, I always lose count.

Somehow, I don't think my sister followed the pattern faithfully, since her hat was nice and round and y'know, the right size, and mine came out cone shaped. So, I'm doing what I always seem to end up doing and making shit up as I go along with take two. Also, BIGGER NEEDLES. When in doubt, use something bigger.
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I've been holding off posting bragging pics about these, because I wanted them to be a surprise. But, the box got to where it was going, so now I brag.

I was working very loosely from this pattern, with some generous re-workings from my sister so that I could make them flat and a bit of making shit up as I went for good measure.

And, the result wound up something like this:  )
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It's about twice that size now, and I only took that picture yesterday evening. Experimenting with a pattern Kate sent me.
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I have the urge to start knitting again. I've only just finished a hellishly hard project and was planning to take a nice long break from anything involving yarn, but suddenly I have itchy fingers. AGAIN.

This is what they mean when they talk about getting bit by the bug, isn't it?
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I did it! I started something really, really complicated, I screwed up a couple of times, and then I fucking carried on and got it right and stuff. I don't normally do that. I normally chicken out the second something looks problematic. Ok, so I had to make a lot of this up as I went along, which could be called as skirting the problematic stuff by doing it my way, but whatever. I did something!

Pictures tomorrow, when I'm not dying of the heat and can be bothered to find the camera cable.

Also, I'm gonna stop knitting for a while. I don't care if it's a life and death thing, I am NOT knitting again until I stop dreaming about dropped stitches and Revenge Of The Purl [don't ask].
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Whoo! Big knitting project part one finished. Not entirely happy with it - few bits need to be slightly different sizes, and I'm tempted to experiment with the rib at the bottom, but otherwise, pretty awesome. I think I've got this knitting thing figured out.
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It's probably a bad sign when you show someone a knitting pattern and the first thing that comes back is 'that's a terrible pattern'

So, that 'over my head' thing?
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Must... finish... sewing...
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One side of stitching to do, and my second knitting project of the year will be DONE, and I can move onto something bigger.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow, once all is complete.
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I made someone happy today. This makes me happy.
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Stu came by and was fed fresh salmon and potato gratin and roasted vegetables and apple pie with custard. He didn't blub when I gave him the scarf, but he was certainly looking very moved. I explained that he's pretty much been adopted now. Apparently, this is the first bit of Christmas spirit he's felt this year, the whole being invited to dinner thing, which is awesome.

I have had half a glass of pink wine and I'm mildly drunk, but that's ok. It's Christmas.


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