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Sims2 is working, thanks to a graphics update, a tantrum, some empty threats involving third floor windows and flying computers, and Stef getting in there and fixing it, because she does that.

Best reason ever to get married - personal tech support.
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Stef is feeling well enough that she's about to get her BAKE on. Someone save me. We're both going to be neck-deep in muffins and banana bread for ever now.
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Next door are at it again. I went and listened at the door, and they're not having sex. They're arguing like Stef and I used to back in the early days. [Anyone remember those? Weren't they AWESOME?]

I put a note under their door effectively asking them to can it or I'll call the police because it sounds like they're beating each other. I don't think they got it, or if they did, they're arguing about it. It's been going for four hours now. Only reason I haven't picked up the phone already is the lack of screaming. Generally, if someone is getting hurt there is screaming in one form or another, and this is just yelling and stomping and flouncing and the occasional slammed door.
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Random picspam because I feel like bragging about my wife's awesome hair.

All hail the powecurls! )

The best bit is that they're all 100% natural. To get it to coil like that, all she has to do is get it wet and then leave it to dry naturally. One tiny genetic leftover from having mixed-race great-grandparents, we think.
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Stef made lamb stew, with dumplings. Proper, gluten-free dumplings. I love my wife.
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I sometimes hate the fact that mine and Stef's computers sit right next to each other. Sometimes, this is good. Sometimes, it means she's playing Mirror's Edge and I can't help but see out of the corner of my eye and if my toes curl any fucking tighter they're going to bleed and I'm getting dizzy and FUCKING STOP IT ALREADY WRAGH screw this I'mma go read me a book.
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All our action figures, including Stef's Deadpool bust and her Fallout bobblehead are wearing little knitted hats. It's hilarious.
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Stef is ensconced on the sofa with a killer migraine. It's bad enough that she's wearing a hat pulled down over her eyes, and is having trouble even standing up.

Fucking hormone pills are more trouble than they're worth.
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I just got drunk eating jelly and custard.

Vodka jelly. Malibu custard. I love my wife.
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Stef is 24 today! Happy birthday baby!
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The kitten slept on our bed last night. We did try to shut her out of the bedroom, but we lasted all of about 20 seconds because of the crying. The noise was just too much.

So, she spent a lot of the night stretched out in the 'banana' position that would snap the spine of any human, cuddled up to the curve of Stef's butt. I love this cat.
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Got back from clubbing: 4am

Need to be awake: 7ish

Decided not to sleep. Also, will be away for a week. Internets is not a guarantee, but I will be trying to update and... stuff. There will be STUFF.

Also, it's now 5am. I FEEL FANTASTIC, PEOPLE.
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I have the feeling I am about to become a warcraft widow.
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Stef just called me a freak because I like the taste of pain juice.

[Pain juice is what you get when you throw two BIG soluble cocodamol pills into anything with a nice strong flavor, like tea or pineapple juice or in this case, summer fruit squash]

[For the Americans and Canadians in the audience [most of you] squash is a fruit concentrate, because plain water tastes like ass]
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Now that is what you call gluttony.



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