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I've managed to sprain my right wrist, by lying in bed doing sod all.

There's no justice.
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My shoulder hurts less today, but is still painful enough that I'm getting it poked. Neck still hurts too.

Some genius I am. Also, I have a gigantic blister on my tongue. AGAIN. I wish I knew what the hell it is that causes them.
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Hot bath has eased shoulder some. Not entirely, it still hurts to lift my arm over my head, but I can actually LIFT it now, which is something.

In a minute, Stef is gonna get me with the Tiger Balm. The red stuff. *wibble*
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Oh my god my shoulder.

My left shoulder has been kinda hurty-ish for a few days - ever since I carried home a whole load of shopping on it, but today it is PAIN. I can't lift my left arm over my head, or take any weight at all on it, and I feel like I should have it in a sling because having it ANYWHERE is freaking agony. Only thing that's comfortable is holding on to my right shoulder, but that makes my hand go numb after a while.

It's bad enough that my neck is all out of line, and my lower back is starting to complain too. Zigzag spine, thanks to my bad habit of carrying potatoes and juice and milk all in a shoulder bag. My head is killing me too.
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It burns, my precious, it BURNS!

Apparently, I'm in shock and need rest. Have special anti-burn gel gauze gonads wrapped around my fingers, and a stern talking to about burn care. Whoo!

I am officially dumber than my pre-schoolers.


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