Mar. 17th, 2014

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And I'm getting really, really sick of people saying that he's 'not a real Christian' or that he 'knows nothing about the bible'.

He adheres to the bible more closely than any other Christian I've ever come across. See, I've read the bible, repeatedly. Not just the little exerpts they give you in class or read from the pulpit. The whole thing. The old testament is one long saga of murder, torture and genocide, with some rape and pillage thrown in for good measure thanks to Smitey 'Yaweh' McTorture. What's more, Jesus himself is quoted in the gospel of Paul as saying that the old testament is and will forever remain relevant as law. Something about not one word of it being changed until the end times are upon us, I can't remember chapter and verse these days but fuck you, look it up.

Sick and fucked up as he may be, Fred Phelps may be the only Christian actually doing it right and practicing what he peaches. And for that, not only does his funeral deserve picketing from here to eternity, but a lot more so-called Christians need to wake up and realize that THIS is what they represent and they either need to learn them a book or stfu.
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I admire the way you shine...

New Patron Saints And Angels

We'll shine this time, we'll make headlines...

Cities Of Night

I saw you shine...

I Hope You Suffer

There are more. I know there are more. Pretty sure Too Late For Gods has a line that fits the pattern too, and something else as well.

Havok, wtf is your obsession with people shining. J, there's a connection here and you've probably found it already, you bastard.


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